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We’ll be pulling all of the big words out of the dictionary and pulling the community together to cheer each other on as we offer some silliness right in the middle of this long cold winter season. The library is hosting an adult spelling bee at The Summit Lodge on Saturday, February 10th beginning with a Pasta Bar and registration at 6pm.  Contestants can register early at the library beginning on Monday, January 8th.  Registration is $5 and we are limiting the number of contestants to 50. Contestants are also welcome to purchase “cheats” to get them a bit further in the competition! (See the rules below!) A prize will be awarded to the winner.  So mark your calendars! Be a contestant or just come watch the fun for free!  For more information call the library at 422-9765!

Sip & Spell Official Rules

Contestants must be 18 years or older.

Contestant order is in the order of registration. Sign-up begins at the Sherburne Library on January 8 and will continue through the night of the event, February 10. Registration will end 15 minutes before the contest begins. (see About Sip & Spell page 2)

Words are drawn from whose main source is the Random House Unabridged Dictionary. This serves as the final authority for the spelling of words. If more than one spelling is listed for a word, any of these spellings will be accepted as correct if the word either matches the pronunciation and definition provided by the Pronouncer, or if it is clearly identified as being a standard variant of the word that the contestant has been asked to spell. Spellings from other locations having archaic, obsolete, or regional labels (such as North, Midland, Irish) that are different from those at the main entry will not be accepted as correct.

When the word is a homonym or homophone, only the correct spelling for the word defined and used in the sentence will be accepted.

No electronic devices may be brought to the stage unless you have purchased a 30 Seconds with a Smartphone Cheat (see pg. 2)

Contest will be single-error elimination. To avoid elimination, contestants may purchase Cheats. See more information about Cheats on page 2.

The Pronouncer will say the word, use it in a sentence, and then pronounce it once more. Contestants may ask for the word’s definition and language of origin. The contestant may ask for only one additional pronunciation of the word.

The contestant is encouraged to pronounce the word before spelling it and after spelling it.

Contestants will have at least 30 seconds to spell the word; time limits are subject to change.

Having started to spell a word, the contestant may stop and start over, retracing the spelling from the beginning; however, the letters and/or sequence may not be changed in the respelling. If they are, the spelling will be judged as incorrect.

If the contestant believes the judges made an erroneous decision, an oral appeal must be made before the next contestant is given a new word. The judges’ decision is final on all questions.

The contest will be conducted in rounds. Each contestant remaining in the Spelling Bee at the start of a round will spell one word in the round. If none of the contestants correctly spells a word in that round, all will remain in the competition and continue spelling in their original order. All contestants eliminated in the same round will be tied for the same place.

CHEATS:  Cheats may be purchased before the event during the registration period as well as on stage during the first two rounds of the competition. Contestants may only purchase one of each type of cheat during registration. After a cheat is used, a contestant is eligible to purchase that same cheat again at a higher price. Contestants may only purchase a cheat on stage during the competition if they are going to use it immediately.

The contestant will be given a card at registration for each cheat purchased. These cards must be turned in once used.

Cheats may not be used in final rounds. Final rounds are declared at the judges’ discretion.

The following cheats will be made available for purchase. Please note that cheat prices will double in the 1st round and then double again during the 2nd round:

1 $5: Ask a Friend. Contestant may ask someone in the audience to spell the word. The friend may not use any reference materials, including phone, books, or computer.

  1. $5: 30 Seconds with a Smartphone. Contestant will be given 30 seconds to use their phone to look up anything that will help them spell the word.
  2. $10: Next Word, Please. Once a word is given to a contestant, and before starting to spell, contestant may ask for the “next word”.
  3. $15: Mulligan. Contestant may remain in the contest after misspelling a word.
  4. $30: Big Cheat Deal. (Only available for purchase at the library between January 8 and February 9) Get one each of four cheats: “Ask a Friend”, “30 Seconds with a Smartphone”, “Next Word, Please”, and “Mulligan”.

END-OF-THE-BEE PROCEDURE: If all contestants in a round misspell, all remain in the competition and a new round begins.

Exception to End-of-the-Bee Procedure: If unable to eliminate to only one contestant in a timely manner (as determined by Bee organizers), the start of championship rounds will be declared and all spellers remaining will be a part of these rounds. In the championship rounds, contestants will take turns spelling a predetermined number of words. Contestants will continue spelling until eliminated or there are no more words left, whichever comes first. Contestants not eliminated after all words have been used would be declared champions.

ABOUT SIP & SPELL Any proceeds from Sip & Spell go to the Friends of the Sherburne Memorial Library, whose funds benefit all library locations. There is a $5 entry fee for each contestant in the Bee. Audience members are admitted free, but donations are welcome. Audience members may sponsor entrants; please let staff at the registration table know.

A prize will be awarded to the first place winner. By participating and/or attending, contestants grant organizers permission to use each contestant’s voice, likeness and/or image in conjunction with this event and future events on television, radio, the internet, and/or in print

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