Current Members of The Sherburne Library Board of Trustees


Beth Sarandrea


Nan Salamon


Gerrie Russell


Nancy Sherman


Laura Djordjalian-McComb

Recent Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Sherburne Memorial Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Present: Gerrie Russell, Nan Salamon, Beth Sarandrea, Nancy Sherman, Jane Ramos, Librarian

Absent: Laura Djordjalian-McComb

The board meeting was called to order at 3:38pm.

Nancy made a motion to approve the Board meeting minutes from November 9, 2021.  Seconded by Gerrie.  All approved.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The report was reviewed.
  • We are currently at about 45% of the budget below the almost 50% of where we could be.
  • Line-item review:
    • Print and Audiobooks line items will be about doubled as the bills come in late.
    • Stipends will go out the end of the month.

Chairman’s Report

  • No report

Librarian’s Report

  • Jane’s report was reviewed.
  • Highlights:
  • Jig Saw puzzles are a very popular new item at the library. Patrons come in to get puzzles as well as books.
  • Snowshoes have been out for loan (when we have snow).
  • Statistics are slightly down.
  • There will only be one movie during the month of December. On 12/29 at 1:30pm, Jane will show
  • The robotic program is on hold until a determination can be made regarding a bus dropping students off at the library.
  • Jane will need to gather our library’s statistics that go to the State Library.

Youth Librarian’s Report

  • Missy presented her report.
    • The cartooning programs went well especially the second one when it was ZOOMed to KES and the after-school program.
    • There will be two programs for kids between Christmas and New Year’s. Attendance will be restricted, and masks required.
    • The after-school program at KES has seen an increase in use.



Old Business

  • ARPA Grant Money is in – The library received $2000 to be spent next year on a golf cart.
  • Festival of Trees – The library had a tree with ornaments of retro Killington posters.

New Business

  • Town Report – Jane gave Beth the information from 2021. Beth will put the report together and Jane will add some photos.
  • Children’s Programming Ideas – With the increase of COVID and no bus coming to the library, attendance at programs is small. Missy has asked the board for suggestions and feedback on children’s programming.
  • Possible bus return/lowering of the unattended child age – no decisions was made at this time. We will look at this issue as early as January 4, 2022.
  • Holiday Closings
    • Christmas – Library will be closed on December 24th and 25th.
    • New Years – Library will be closed on New Year’s Day.

Other business as needed

  • Historians
    • The Historians met on 12/11/2021. Their 501C3 designation was last update in 1994.  It would cost $700 to be reactivated.
    • The moneys in their account will be transferred to a reserve account under the town.
    • A new Archival line item for $3000 will be added to the library budget for digitizing materials.
    • The Historian are now under the library and town. Their new name is the Killington Sherburne Historians.  They are on Facebook and Jane is posting pictures.
  • The library will be getting air qualifiers with filters from the state.
  • Valentine Phantom – is coming!


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, at 3:30pm


Respectfully submitted,

Nan Salamon