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Recent Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Sherburne Memorial Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Present: Laura Djordjalian, Nan Salamon, Beth Sarandrea, Nancy Sherman, Jane Ramos, Librarian

Guests: Gerrie Russell, Chet Hagenbarth, Jim Haff, Whit Montgomery

The board meeting was called to order at 10:01am.

Gerrie Russell was introduced as a potential new trustee board member to replace Sally Koch.

A MOTION was made by Nancy Sherman and seconded by Nan Salamon to approve Gerrie Russell as a new member of the Library Board of Trustees to replace Sally Koch and finish her term through the end of the year.  All Approved.

Library Incident on Wednesday, May 15th

The incident of inappropriate behavior at the library by juvenile patron was discussed.

Officer Whit Montgomery reported on the investigation and said that it was closed.  The criminal accusations were false. The bad language needs to be addressed. Many recommendations were also discussed. Jim Haff proposed setting up a meeting with Killington Elementary School.  He suggested that the school and the library work together on plans for After School Programs.  He also thought we should look at the policies of riding the bus to the library, and that privileges could be revoked if there was any demonstration of bad behavior. No immediate decisions were made, except to schedule a meeting with the schools.

A MOTION was made to change a library policy to increase the age from 8 to 12 for children who can be left unattended by an adult at the library.  After a discussion this motion was withdrawn.

Jane will be sending a letter to the child’s parents regarding the child’s behavior.  Copies of the letter will also be sent to the child’s guidance counselor as well as the superintendent of the child’s school.

It was recommended that any time there is an incident of inappropriate behavior at the library, a letter should be sent.

Approval of Minutes

Nancy Sherman made a motion to approve the Board meeting minutes from April 9, 2019.  Seconded by Nan Salamon.  All approved.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The report was reviewed. We are currently at 80% of the budget. The fiscal year ends at the end of June.  We have enough money to pay for the computer rewiring and updates.
  • Utilities expenditures are down due to the installation of the new roof.
  • Cataloging item line may not be needed for next year’s budget.

Chairperson’s Report

  • No written report.

Librarian’s Report

  • No written report.

Old Business

  • Computer Updates-Wires have been run, waiting in line for ACT to connect the computers. We will be getting rid of the “deep-Freeze” so will need a new program to protect against viruses. Software available for an ID tag to allow patrons to sign up for ONLY ½ hour and then they will automatically be signed off.
  • Building Updates-Beth made a suggestion about moving and improving the young adult section. Jane will work on that when the computer issues are resolved.
  • Fund Raising – The Blue Moon Brunch went well and was a nice community event. The Book Sale will be held on 4th of July, .5K held on July 20th with the Rec Commission.  Tickets for events can be purchased on Facebook, the Rec Com website and through the Fairy Tale Festival.  $9200 is in the account for the Fairy Tale Festival.

New Business

Gerrie Russell will check to see if the Board is covered for liability insurance.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Beth and seconded Nan.  The meeting was adjourned at 12.01pm.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 3:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nan Salamon, Secretary